Exciting job opportunities at NREL

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The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is transforming energy through building science and integration. We are expanding the frontier of scientific knowledge that enables optimized energy use, generation, and storage in the built environment at multiple scales. Our research significantly enhances the resiliency, efficiency, and affordability of energy systems across the United States and the world. NREL currently has a variety of exciting opportunities related to building energy modeling posted at https://jobs.ibpsa.us/job/exciting-opportunities-nrel.

* Engineering Project Manager - Ports and Airports Projects
* Commercial Building Software Engineer I
* Building Data Scientist III
* Building Energy Modeler III
* Commercial Buildings Research Engineer - Energy Modeler III (Los Angeles based)
* Buildings Advanced Manufacturing and Integration Science Researcher II
* (Year-Round) Graduate Intern - Residential Building Stock Modeler

Search these opportunities and more at https://www.nrel.gov/careers/find-job.htm

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