Excessive fan energy

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Hi all,

I am modeling a building for a LEED project. My proposed model is
showing fan energy far in excess of the baseline. The Baseline systems
is PVAVS Dx Cooling with HW reheat- The proposed is PVVT with Water
Source Heat Pumps. I have attached SS-M and SSL for the Appendix G
model and for the proposed, for the system which seems to be the heart
of the problem - Sys-1 in the Baseline and ERU-1 in the proposed. I am
at a loss to explain why the fans in the proposed seem to be running
1000 hours a year more than the proposed. I am in the process of
reducing unmet heating hours in the proposed by adding electric BB but
it does not seem to have an effect on the fan run time. I would really
appreciate any insights from the community on how I might approach this.

Thanks in advance,

Gerry Hazel

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