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I'm getting the following error which causes the program to abort:

The instruction at "0x73dd11c7" referenced memory at "0x00000004". The
memory could not be "read".

The changes which seem to cause this error are lowering the lighting
power density or shading coefficient. When I revise these numbers back
up the error is gone, but I need to lower my numbers to simulate the

I don't know if the error is caused by these changes or if it may be
Windows based. Any suggestions?


Richard Yam, P. Eng.

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If you zip up the .pd2 and .inp of the file with the error chances are
someone may be able to help you.

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That error is one I've encountered a good number of times in the past. It's not unique to eQuest and is a potential warning sign regarding the stability of your computer.

1. Strongly suggest backing up your project files, working on another computer and leaving this computer alone until this is resolved if that's an option to you. If you find you get the same errors on another computer, ignore the rest of this email as it's something specific to your file and will require some eQuest-specific support (Step #4 below may help).

2. The error suggests there's a problem with the memory not unloading instructions after reading them. What that likely means in my experience is something is up either with your Windows OS and/or a hardware issue with your RAM.

3. Be sure your current Windows installation is fully patched. Start ? Internet Explorer ? Tools ? Windows Update. Each round of service packs/packages will generally require a reboot. Rinse and repeat until all critical items are installed.

4. Won't hurt to uninstall and reinstall eQuest at this point.

5. Try the same operations again.

If you get the same behavior after updating windows, try isolating sticks of RAM in your computer and/or swapping with another set of RAM to see if you can associate the problem with a specific stick of RAM.

If after those two investigations you're still getting that error consistently (and again not on another computer), I personally would take it as a sign that a prompt data backup, fresh format and reinstallation of windows is in order.

Hope this helps troubleshoot!


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