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Hi all,

I'm modelling two 35-story towers in the same model. eQuest has become
very slow and tends to crash whenever I make any changes, even minor
ones. When I try to exit the Wizard to save those changes eQuest crashes
and this msg pops up.

Does anyone know what's causing this problem and how it can be fixed?

I still have about 4 floors to model and the building envelop to finish
before I can switch to Detailed Mode.

I was wondering if it's possible to model the 2 towers as two separate
buildings then combine into one at the end by importing the .INP files.
Would this work?

Any advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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Sounds like you "hitting the centerfield wall."

I was using eQuest 3.61e and 1 gB memory in modeling a 31 story condo, with about 8 shells. That also wanted to freeze upi.
What version are you using? How many gB do you have in memory?
The two building .INP file to combine is a question for the people.
John Aulbach

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