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I think your best bet is to compare two separate models. In the
tools-parametric run section link baseline building to the proposed inp
file. Create a parametric run and keep adding parametric components and
select the category for each change. After comparing your components (which
you have to update and test by running the action - simulate building
performance all in the detail interface) run the perform simulation and fix
errors. Then dumb down to window to average sq per of window to all sides in
your baseline case. I haven't done that yet but the teacher said to do it
that way and can anyone help with changing the orientation in the detailed
interface for LEED???

On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 3:02 PM,

Robert Yoakum, LEED? AP

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I believe the newer version ASHRAE90.1 has taken the band window
requirement out as the building has been rotated 4 times. I have never
rotated the building myself yet. Not sure how hard that can be resolved.


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