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Hi All,

I am new to eQuest, and am using version 3.60 (build 5200).

I have a question regarding the Hourly Reports Entry : Temp of air
leaving heat coil - hot deck temp (deg F) (under HVAC system).

Disregard of the building locations, building configurations (single
zone, multi-zones), system type (CAV, VAV), the "Temp of air leaving
heat coil" is always very cold, and even colder than "Temp of air
entering coil" during winter heating season. However, at the same time
"Total central heat coil output (Btu/hr)" indicates there is heat
output, just that it is not reflected in the "Temp of air leaving heat

I would appreciate any advices. Thanks in advance.

Bruno Lee

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Under Primary System < Heating < Coil Cap / Control, you will see "Hot Deck Max Leaving Temp". This will specify the temperature of the air leavint the hot deck. From the eQUEST help file for Heat-Set-T:

"For variable-volume systems, specifying HEAT-SET-T enables a main air-handler heating coil; the value in this case is the maximum temperature off of this coil. For single duct systems (VAVS, PVAVS and PIU), the default is MIN-SUPPLY-T (indicating no central heating coil).

On occasion, you may not want the control point of the hot deck to be equal to MAX-SUPPLY-T. A variable-volume system has the potential of supplying 100% outside air (and therefore cold air) to the zone VAV box. Preheat will raise the supply temperature up to PREHEAT-T, but only the main heating coil can hold a constant supply air temperature or the modified temperature of a WARMEST or RESET controller. Use of HEAT-SET-T for systems SZRH and PSZ is discouraged because it simply overrides the maximum leaving air temperature specified by MAX-SUPPLY-T."

Dana Troy

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