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Good morning all,

Has anyone modeled a building for marijuana cultivation?

The building and systems are relatively easy to set up. Each grow room will have four to six chilled water fan coils with roughly the same amount of stand-alone dehumidifiers (or possibly a cooling/dehum combo like the GPOD from Data Aire). The surrounding envelope of each grow room is fully conditioned so the only heat gain or loss is within the space (which is about 95% lighting).

The LED lighting, on average, is about 40 watts per square foot of canopy space that will be cycled on/off every 12 hours for 8670. The heat from the LEDs within the space aren't going to be ducted or water cooled. I assume the dehumidifiers will run nearly 100% of the time when the grow lights are off.

I've sized my chillers and fan coils to supply 50-52 degrees chilled water supply temps in order to decrease the amount of latent extraction performed by the chiller since my dehumidifiers will be handling the bulk of the load. That being said, I'm not sure how often the dehumidifiers will operate when the lights are on, if any.

My main question though..... is how and where do I add the btu/h from evapotranspiration to each grow room? I am running eQuest 3.65 version 7175.

Thank you in advance.


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Hi Tom,
You define an Internal Energy Source in the Space, Equipment dialog:
[cid:image001.png at 01D48175.E091DF40]
Source type = Process does not consume any utility energy but adds the process latent and sensible heat to the space. I just through numbers in for illustration. I am not sure the ratio of sensible to latent is indoor growing environments.

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