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I am faced with the task of modelling a refrigerated warehouse. The
DOE2.1e grocery store refrigeration facility is not suitable as the
refrigeration load is specfied and does not react to the envelop loads.

I am hoping that the equest Refrigeration version does include
interaction between the envelop and the refrigeration load. Has any
one had experience modelling refrigerated warehouses and are there
any "gotchas" that I need to be aware of?

Chris Jones, P.Eng.

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I would suggest you download a more recent version of eQUEST
refrigeration version; ie: 3.61 or later (3.64) from www.doe2.com.
Version 3.61 has templates for a grocery store and a refrigerated
warehouse, which were developed for California's DEER 2005 project as
example baseline models for these facility types. These
structures/systems can be modified for your particular refrigerated
facilities parameters.

Christopher Rogers

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