eQuest: Modeling a Texas Multizone

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I'm looking for information on how to model a Texas Multizone in eQuest.

A Texas Multizone has a cold deck and a neutral deck (instead of a hot
deck). There are hot water coils in the zone ducts.

I'm currently modeling this system as a Multizone unit and have set the hot
deck leaving air temperature to 75F (room neutral air). I'm getting a
tremendous amount of unmet load hours when I do this. From what I can see,
eQuest doesn't have a good way to place hot water coils in zone ducts. Our
best guess has been baseboard heat, but that isn't quite right.

If you have any insight on how to model this, or ideas on what could be
considered thermodynamically equivalent, please let me know.

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Amanda Bogner, PE LEED AP

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