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Tony, have you figured out or received a step-by-step process for
simulating a heat recovery system?

Thanks, Otto


When you define a chiller in eQuest, along with assigning the
CHW (and possibly CW and HW) there is also a loop assignment for
This takes either a HW, WLHP, or DHW Loop to which the chiller will
to provide recovered heat to. There are some variables you will need to
fill in depending on how much heat you want to recover, etc...

If that doesn't answer your question, please let me know.


Steve Mignogna

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If I were to setup another heat recovery chiller I would use the following steps. If anyone would like to add some comments or some additional steps, please feel free to do so.
1. Assumptions: You're in detailed mode, and you have a water cooled chiller setup with a chilled water loop, condenser water loop, and a hot water loop.
2. Create a new chiller. Type = Elec Heat Recovery
3. Assign loops. CHW = Chilled Water Loop, CW = Condenser Water Loop, HtRec = Hot Water Loop.
4. Verify/input the EIR, equipment capacity, whether the chiller is at Design or Rated conditions.
5. Change the chilled water temperature, condenser temperature, min condenser temperature, and maximum het recovery setpoints if necessary.
6. Create/change EIR and Capacity curves if necessary.


Tony Kriel

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Has anyone been successful in using this in conjunction with a
water-side economizer option selected on the air-side units? I had this
working in a model, but only after I turned off the water side
economizer. I couldn't get the chiller (connected to both HW, CHW, and
CW loops) to reject the required heat to the hot water loop AND have any
remaining heat rejected to a tower. I definitely didn't get to spend as
much time with it as I would have liked, but my initial results seemed
to indicate this control option is unavailable.



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