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Hello, All:

I am modeling a large hospital with Electric Heat Recovery chillers to
preheat the domestic hot water, but when I change the chillers to open
centrifugal without the heat recovery, the domestic hot water gas
consumption is identical to that with the recovery. I also am unsure of
how to set up the preheat loop for the DHW since it is does not appear
that you can model a primary/secondary arrangement when the loop type is
DHW, but the heat recovery cannot provide 140 deg. F DHW w/ condenser
water temperatures of 85 to 95 deg F.

I also have a water-side economizer and although the cooling energy
consumption increases by about 1,500 MBtu when I use standard
centrifugal chillers, I am not convinced this is realistic.

I have attached the inp and pd2 files just in case and would appreciate
any insights and suggestions. Thanks in advance and have a great day!

Cam S. Fitzgerald, PE, LEED(r) AP

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