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I am trying to model a central geothermal heat pump in eQUEST which can
provide simultaneous heating/cooling. The heat pump generates conditioned
water for both hot and chilled water loops which serve induction units
throughout the building. It seems that I can only couple the central heat
pump to a ground water source and not the ground heat exchanger option. Has
anyone been able to do model a central geothermal heat pump? If so, how?

Derek Hengeveld, P.E.

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Hi Derek,

This is one of the shortcomings of eQuest. You can't couple the
loop-to-loop heat pump to a ground loop heat exchanger. I've actually had
issues using the loop-to-loop heat pump just with standard loop types.

Usually what I do for these systems is model air-to-air heat pumps, but
adjust the EIR, HIR and fan power to make up the difference. Not perfect,
but pretty close.

Hope this helps,


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