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I am trying to learn how to use the program, so here are some input questions I have:

1. I created a building footprint as a pline outline in Autocad, and the footprint contains a couple of arcs. When I open the drawing in the Equest footprint input screen, the arc potions do not appear; I just get one straight line connecting the two endpoints. Is there some way to make the arcs appear in Equest or would it be better to draw the arcs in Autocad as a series of short line segments
2. I am trying to create a new shell for the second floor because the footprint is actually different than the first floor. I tried to set the Autocad world coordinates of the lower left hand building corner to be at the origin of the Equest sketch screen. But when I bring in the Autocad drawing, the image is not at the origin. I am trying to pan it over to the origin, but it seems like I can only snap to the Autocad drawing. I can't get the building corner to snap to the Equest origin. Is there a way to do this? Is it necessary to do this to get the shell to match the shell of the first floor?
3. I traced the outline of the 2nd floor Autocad drawing to create the 2nd floor Equest footprint. I just matched the origin as close as I could by eyeball. When I look at the 3D geometry, I see two problems. The second floor footprint is identical to the first floor. The outline I created for the second floor wasn't used. Second, on the the 3D geometry, the exterior walls of the second floor appear color coded as interior walls instead of exterior walls and there are no windows.

Answers to any of these questions will be greatly appreciated.



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