Equest Air-Side HVAC Loads vs. HAP Calculated Loads

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We are working on a high-rise office building which is all curtainwall,
and has a high fenestration percentage. We have calculated the air-side
HVAC loads for our project via HAP, and are comparing them to the
"eQUEST System & Zone Air-Side Summary Report" calculated design
capacity values. The eQuest values appear to be much higher, and a large
part of this increase is in the "Window Glass+Frm Cond" value displayed
in the LS-B reports. Has any one compared the eQuest system sizing
values to HAP or another load calculation program and experienced
similar results? Should we spend the additional time trying to tweak the
model so it more closely matches the HAP calculated values, or simply
move forward with comparing the eQuest building to the baseline?

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Hi Brooks,

It has been a long time since I used HAP but I use eQUEST all the time. I
would not spend too much time worrying about making the output of tuning

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Phooey. forget the caps. That's what caused this to go prematurely. So,
don't tune equest to hap. equest is not a program designed for sizing
systems, yet. I used to use hap to inform me, ie provide info to input into
equest. A better use of time is a careful review of your output: is it
reasonable? On the other hand, depending on what you are using the model
for, it may be correct to input the btuh values for cooling & heating from
hap into equest. Is this a LEED project?

Give me a little more info based on the wandering remarks above, okay?


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Can anyone tell me how to convert a TRNSYS .TMY2 weather
file into either an .EPW or a .BIN file?

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I had a previous project - school. I compared eQuest with Elite. The
results are not that different. I also used Trane Trace. The building
loads from three are all comparable - not same for sure.



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Just for clarity, there is a TRNSYS TMY format that is fairly old and
out of date. It consists of the five or so pieces of data from the
original TMY (version 1) files that were made available by NREL; the
idea was to keep the file size small. TRNSYS also reads the standard
TMY, TMY2, and TMY3 formats. I imagine that what you are looking for is
a translator for *.TM2 (TMY version 2) files to *.EPW format? If so,
there is a good archive at




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