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3-week online certificate Course

PROGRAM DATES: 27th July 2020 ? 17th August 2020
3-week Online Certificate Program for students and professionals to perform
early-design analysis and decision-making using OpenStudio

Professionals- INR 10,000
Students- INR 7,500

*Early Bird Discount Until 5th July 2020*
Professionals- INR 8,000
Students- INR 6,000

Climate, building form, orientation and other morphological characteristics
of the building are some of the vital parameters which are looked at during
the early decision-making stage. Selecting the right measures to achieve
energy optimization, hence becomes the key here.

The 3-Week Online certificate program is an introductory course for
students and professionals from Architecture and related backgrounds to
learn relevant analysis that can be carried out during the early design
stage, using OpenStudio modelling tool.
Program Schedule

*Who can take this course?*
? Professionals involved with Building design process
? Architects, Engineers & Green Building Consultants
? Graduates & Post Grads of Architecture or related disciplines
? Faculty teaching Architecture or related disciplines
*Note ? Basic knowledge of 2D modelling is essential*

*Topics Covered :*
? Understanding influential early design factors
? Building 3D geometry in SketchUp
? Simulation using OpenStudio plugin
? Optimization of (using ?Response curve?)
- Building form and massing
- Building orientation
- Window-Wall ratio
- Envelope materials? specifications
? Design of shading devices
? Daylighting & controls
? Thermal comfort
? Solar PV modelling

*Program Format*
? 12 hours of e-learning comfortably spread over 3 weeks
? Live session on OpenStudio software
? Q&R sessions for all participants
? Weekly assignment after each weekly webinar

*Program Takeaways*:
? Develop a comprehensive ?Early Design Optimisation? report
? Learn basics of OpenStudio software and analytical technique
? Copy of all training materials
? Yearly access to online courses
? Interaction with expert faculty to answer your queries
? Certificate on completing the ?Early Design Optimisation? report

*Learning objectives:*
? Understand pertinent design parameters that can influence early
design decisions
? Compare different design scenarios
? Identify the suitable strategies for building design optimization
? Read & interpret the derived results
? Translate simulation outputs for design inputs
? Get hands-on experience on OpenStudio/SketchUp modelling platform
? Get hands-on experience on OpenStudio modelling platform


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