Engine CHP at temperate climate mall

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Dear Building Simulators

I?m sending an engine CHP study developed with the COGMCI software.

It?s an 8760 hours analysis using the EnergyPlus results.

Any comments would be appreciated.

If the links don?t work, please go to this e-mail bottom.

Have a good week.


Are we sizing engine CHP systems for the lower CO2 emission? In this study, COGMCI is used to predict the performance of ten different engine sizes and/or operational modes in an 8760 hours analysis. Electrical, cooling and heating loads of a mall located in NYC are used. A 40% primary energy savings is achieved when compared to a high efficiency scenario.

At this COGMCI Case Study, ten different systems designed to attend heating, cooling, and electrical loads of an NYC mall is evaluated. What is the best engine CHP size? What the performance indicators tell us about the system performance? Which one should I use to evaluate the energy savings and CO2 emissions?
This COGMCI analysis helps us see the influence of engine CHP size and operational modes on the energy savings and CO2 emission. It also make us understand that each site has a CHP potential that can only be reached through a detailed analysis.
Engine CHP as a strategic solution in the transition from fossil fuels to renewables.



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