EnergyPlus for Houses Workshop

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Ryerson University, RRCL and Eco-Optimal will be hosting the following workshop:
Building Performance Simulation & Analysis with EnergyPlus for HousesJune 19th - 21st 2013Ryerson University, Toronto Ontario
This workshop will focus on detailed analysis using the EnergyPlus simulation engine, working primarily with EnergyPlus's text based input. Participants will create a multi-zone model of a residential single family dwelling and learn about detailed simulation techniques to model thermal mass, infiltration, solar gain, ground heat transfer, and HVAC systems.
The workshop will emphasize hands on learning, with approximately 50% of the workshop time being devoted to participants creating their own simulation model of a case study house. It is suggested that participants have some prior experience with EnergyPlus, OpenStudio or other building energy performance simulation tools.
Fees for full three day workshop:Regular: $500Students: $100
You can register at:
More information is available at:

If you have any questions feel free to contact Hayes Zirnhelt at hayes at

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