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How do glass width and height in the wall definition interact with the glass width and height in the shading library?  If I have rooms with different widths, do I need to create different shades for each instance?  As it is I need to create new ones for each story since the adjacent building height above glass varies for each level.

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Yes a different shade device for each different window dimensionally. Maybe name it synonymously with the associated room. If they are all the same window dimensions and height off of floor, then only one is needed.

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Yeah, I agree with Mr. Fett.

However, you generally can get away with using only a few shading types. The rooms can be different widths, but what's really important is the window height and distance from the shade (if overhangs for instance)


For adjacent buildings:

The window height isn't important at all (since the building is likely much larger). What is important, as you mention, is that multiple floors will experience different levels of shading, so may need to make several adjacent buildings depending on the height of the two buildings.

For instance, if you have your building as 30 stories and the adjacent building is 60 stories, you could probably enter 1 shading type for the lower half and 1 for the upper half (depending on the proximity of the buildings too). If they were really close, it would really only take 1 shading type and you could approximate by modeling a 45 story adjacent building.

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