Radiant floor heating used in summer times as radiant floor cooling

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The project I'm working on has a DOA Air handler as ventilation and radiant floor heating as main heating system. The project design concept is that the same system (radiant floor) to be used also for providing cooling (with the respective cold water temperatures as used in chilled ceilings and passive chilled beams). Applying radiant floor (which is possible only as auxiliary heating) worked OK, but when it came to model the cooling it is like a dead end.

The system of TRACE 700 which is most closely to such situation is Chilled ceiling. When however modeling this system with TRACE 700 by applying it as auxiliary cooling it appears that it is nor working. Whatever you enter - to be calculated or direct value in the coil capacity (no matter how big value you enter) there are thousands of unmet load hours or in other words Chilled ceiling option doesn't function.

Any idea on how to model such systems combination would be highly appreciated.



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