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Trace Users,

Does anybody know which Trace 700 output report I should upload for LEED credit IEQc7.1-1 version 3?

The option of uploading all 700+ pages out outputs and letting them choke on it sounds temping but time consuming.

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I've never uploaded a Trace report for this credit. For standard spaces
(offices & classrooms) I've filled in the template and submitted Std 55,
Figure with the anticipated winter and summer ranges drawn.

I had a more difficult project under version 2.2 that had locker rooms,
indoor pool, basketball arena, etc. that GBCI bounced on the first try. My
response was probably overkill, but I didn't know how else to prove it to
them. I submitted the various design conditions we had analyzed (200 people
for an event vs 3 for normal use, etc.) along with the supporting psych
charts and comfort factors (air velocity, metabolic rate, clothing level,
PPD, PMV, and overall "comfortable" or "uncomfortable" per 55.)

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