IES VE Apache HVAC Coils auto sizing

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Dear All

I have two questions regarding auto sizing using apache hvac which are:

1. User defined or custom made systems can not be auto sized except for
equipment, cooling etc.

I have a custom made FAHU with AHU DX coil system. The FAHU takes care of outside air humidification load and sensible load whereas the AHU is taking care of room sensible and latent load. 

As per ashrae load calculation done by APACHE, the total load of space is
192 kW (SL + LL) whereas Apache HVAC (Custom Unit) calculates the coil capacity as 321 kW
( Sl + LL ). Is it because the DX coil is sized on 35 °C DB? The AHU coil
will only experience the space load, so why is it calculating a higher
value and a different SHR than the ASHRAE Load?

2. The FAHU coil will experience a high de-humidification load. IES Ve does
not have a weather file of ASHRAE table which states the de humidification
parameters. How can you check that a FAHU DX coil sized by APACHE system is
at peak WB than DB?

Lastly, is it advisable to use APACHE HVAC for custom made units to check
space DB and RH throughout the year or Apache HVAC is better for energy
simulation only?


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