White Box Technologies releases 2017 weather files for 8, 300 locations around the world

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White Box Technologies has now made available 2017 weather files through June 23 for 8,298 locations around the world (2107 US, 289 Canadian, 5902 international). Added to the weather files previously generated going back to 2001, the WBT Weather web site now contain 16-year time series of hourly weather for 6,500 locations, and shorter time series for another 3,500 locations. WBT can also create "typical year" weather files for any of these locations, although one should check first whether there's already a TMY3 for a US location, or a IWEC2 file for an international location.

For a complete list of all 2017 files, please see here for USA/Canada stations or here for International stations.

To search for a weather file on the WBT Weather web site, please go to the web site here and use either the "Search by List" or the "Search by Google Maps" option.

In addition to the regular update of current year weather files, the following weather products are also been available at the WBT web site:

1) MX2015 with typical year weather files for 119 Mexican locations based on 16 years of historical weather from 2001-2015.
2) CN2014 with typical year weather files for 224 Canadian locations based on 15 years of historical weather from 2000-2014.
3) ISHRAE2 "typical year" weather files for 62 locations in India (free!)
4) last but not least, ASHRAE IWEC2 (International Weather for Energy Calculations) weather files for 3,012 locations outside the U.S. and Canada.

All the weather files mentioned above can be purchased by individual locations, or in the case of the IWEC2, by country and region sets, as well as the entire collection. For a complete list of all IWEC2 stations, see here.


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