Water cooled VRV

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Hi All,

I am modelling Water cooled VRV in equest by following Energy trust pdf
which i have attached .

When i am following the steps of pdf for Water cooled VRV i am having
following doubts

1 In the diagram of page 25 it shows that each DX system(PVVT) in Air side
HVAC will have separate condenser water loop and cooling tower is it so
actually also?

2 The diagram of page 25 shows that the condenser water loop is connected
to a cooling tower as well as boiler what is the purpose of boiler or why
boiler ?

3 Point 4 of page 24 says that model each VRV condenser with separate
condenser water loop and zero out the pump energy why so?

Any response shall be highly appreciable.

Please find the attached pdf for your reference.

Warm Regards
Sambhav Tiwari.

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