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I am trying to find out optimal Lighting Power Density (w/sq.ft) for one of
the warehouse. Since this is going for LEED v4, I am referring *TABLE
9.6.1 .* My problem is finding baseline space type (Fine vs. Medium//Bulk)
given in the ASHRAE std. I would appreciate if someone give some pointer to
find out what material storage falls under *Fine material and what in
Medium/bulk?* In my case, some visual requirements are there to read
product labels etc.

?Thank you.



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The IESNA handbook gives a bit more detail to these categories by
separating these into "Bulky items, large labels" and "Small items, small
labels". It doesn't give a specific cutoff between small and large though,
so you can probably use your judgement here. Maybe you even have a mix.
I'd say that boxes with regular UPS/FedEx sized labels, for example, would
be considered large, since they don't get much bigger than that.


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I have always thought of it this way:
Forklifts handle all material ? medium/bulky.
If people hold items in one or two hands and sort onto shelves ? Fine.

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