Thermal Storage and a Report Generator Error

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I have a question regarding the implementation of a Thermal Storage Tank
(Plant Equipment Part1 snippet) and report generator errors. I am making
the assumption that the addition of the thermal storage is creating the
error because if I take the TES out of the model and reconfigure the
equipment as seen the snippet, Plant Equipment Part2, below all of the
errors disappear and I get a complete .sim report. I must have a setting
in the TES input that is out of DOE2's bounds but I cannot figure out what
it is.

Plant Equipment Part1:
[image: Inline image 1]
The above plant configuration gives the error in the .sim file, see below:

Report generator error reading data record:
Record total length =***** Iuniq = ***** Command = 1
Format = ***** number of values rec len =*****

Plant Equipment Part2:
[image: Inline image 2]

Thank you for your time,

*Demian Vonder Kuhlen, **CEPE*

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