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????????????????? Hope this mail finds you in good health. I have completed my project on Energy simulation using eQUEST.
????????????????? Now I am looking for an assignment at entry level in a company. Attached herewith is my updated C.V. Please find it.
????????????????? Awaiting for your positive reply.........................

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vipin sharma

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Any suggestions as to how to make the DHW heater a condensing boiler ?? The Condensing feature is for a boiler , which wants a Hot Water loop, NOT a DHW loop..

John R. Aulbach, PE, CEM

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Hi John,

This may get you started:

- Create a HW Loop

- Create a Condensing Boiler/Pump, attach to the new loop

- Define a process load + schedule in the second tab of the loop to match your DHW consumption. You may need to define the load with MBtu/h and not gpm.

- As a result you should see your condensing DHW pop up in the consumption reports as a green process load on the gas side.

- You might want to leave your normal DHW loop in operation while setting this up as a check to see that you're matching well before deleting. Review the HW loop/boiler inputs carefully to ensure everything is appropriate to DOMHW.

Screengrabs follow to illustrate the concept:
[cid:image003.png at 01CD283F.ED4DEC10]
[cid:image002.png at 01CD2840.AFDAEA30]

Best of luck!

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You could also model a condensing DHW boiler as any other gas DHW heater, but with a custom HIR-FPLR performance curve and a better full load HIR. Part load efficiency is published for several models of condensing DHW boilers. Remember to normalize the custom performance curve to 1.0 at full load.


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