Unexpected Heating/Cooling Load

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Hi All

I am a civil engineering student working on my final design project. I am designing an energy efficient building in Toronto. For the HVAC system I selected DX coils for cooling and electric resistance for heating. I left most of the other HVAC system inputs to default eQUEST values.  I have the following questions about my energy simulation. I will really appreciate any help regarding this.

1. From the BEPS I am getting about 1032 MBTU for my heating load and only 179 MBTU for my cooling load. According to the data that  I have seen these numbers for a building in toronto should be close and I cannot figure out the reason why there is so much difference in my numbers? 

2. The heating loads increase significantly if I use say DX coils for heating or even if I use natural gas furnace. Again I am keeping all inputs to eQUEST default values. I am not sure if the software is outdated or why I am getting such high values for heating loads.

My design is a rectangular 5 storey office building with total area of about 60,000 square feet (12000 sq feet/ floor). The BEPS summary is shown in picture below. I am unable to upload .pd2 file here.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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