Multi-speed Fan coil data?

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I'm trying to model a sample building using fan coil units (FCUs) but it looks like eQuest forces it to be a single-speed FCU with no ventilation provided. Is there a way (without hacking the code) to put in multispeed option?

Related to the output reports. I initially used standard FCU and it the SS-L (elec energy use) shows lots of heating & cooling hours, but non during "heat & cool" which I assume is simultaneous within an hour, a bunch of kWh during Floating hours and all zeros during part load range. 

1. Do all the hours, including floating, include non operational hours if there are setback temps?

2. Are Part Load hours zero b/c there's no fan variability? Which leads to my first issue. 

I'm trying to create some sample cases for different zones & climates to help show savings between PSC & DC motor FCUs (aka ECM). The real savings between the two come in at part-load conditions, so I'd like to figure out how many hours it would run at low, med, and high speed.

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