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Hello everybody*. *I am reading a paper : *Measuring the Building
Performance Effects of Green Roofs**-An **eQuest **case study. *I have a
question about the Figure 9 and Figure 10. These Figure show the Heat
transfer from roof construction - cool roof and roof construction - green
roof. Please, you could say me how can you make the same graphics in the
same software (eQUEST). To attach the figures. Thanks.

[image: image.png]
Figure 9. Heat transfer from roof construction- cool roof.

[image: image.png]
Figure 10. Heat transfer from roof construction -green roof.

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You are looking at part of the Summary tab view of a Construction. So, go to the Building Shell tab, select a Construction and then change to Summary view.

[cid:image001.png at 01D538AC.6B5105A0]


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