Python for pre or post-processing eQuest/DOE2 files

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Thanks for sharing.

I'm a complete newbie to awk but willing to give it a shot!
I installed GNU awk for windows.I'm running the file in command prompt with

awk -f report.awk MySIMfile.SIM


awk -f report.awk MySIMfile.SIM > out.txt

I'm getting only this ouput
" 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
0 0.00 60265.60"

I don't have the headers but that's an easy fix, I just need to remove that
specific if statement (I'm guessing this is for parametric runs, you only
output it for base case scenario or something?)

the "{if (ipse >=1) " statement is more problematic, especially the nested
"if ($2 == "TOTAL" && $3 == "MWH")" that conditions the printf statement. I
looked at my sim file, and there's nowhere in the PS-E report (nor in the
entire file) where I got "Total MWh" written.

I used DOE2.2 (48r) with "eQ_Lib.365.dat" lib file to generate that SIM
file. Could this be the problem? Are you using a different library
therefore your output sim file is different?

Many thanks,

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