Please Help: Chiller Autosize Issue

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I am having issues with setting up an ASHRAE 90.1 baseline chiller. When eQuest auto-sizes the chiller, it is significantly over-sizing the capacity. My equipment load report (PS-C) is showing that the load on the chiller is approximately 179 Tons (2157 kbtu/hr) , but for some reason eQuest is auto-sizing the chiller at approximately 504 Tons (6.052 mbtu/hr). As a result, the auto-sized chiller runs at very low part load ranges all the time.

According to the eQuest Detailed Simulation Reports Summary, the chiller capacity should be much closer to the peak load reported in the PS-C report. This is not the case for my model for some reason. Can somebody please take a look at my model (attached) and help me determine why the auto-sizing is behaving the way that it is?

Your help is much appreciated,

Jason Curtis

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