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Dear All,

I'm modeling a residential building where a district cooling system
provides cooling to spaces via AHU's and FCU's.

I want to track the CHW consumption of AHU's, FCU's and then the whole
building seperately(3 chw meters).
Current CHW meter as shown in the Water-side schematic tracks all the
FAHU's and FCU's chw consumption. Creating another chw meter causes
creation of another chw pump(although linked to existing chw pump), and I
have set it to as standby, my electricity and chw meter consumption has
been increased.

Can anyone give ideas on how to add several chw meters to track individual
FAHU or FCU chw consumption?.
Any ideas much appreciated.


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You can only have one CHW meter per CHW loop, so you?d have to create a separate CHW loop for each system if you want cooling metered separately for each system. You would need to decide how to prorate the pump energy to each CHW loop pump by entering a reduced pump power. You can create separate electric meters for each system if you want to see the pumping energy broken out by system.
The CHW meter(s) will only report peak and cumulative loads in MMBtu/hr and MMBtu. You can get the same information for each system from the SS-A reports.


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