Modeling building with fire areas and vertically angled exterior walls

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I'm working on a model for a 4-story multifamily residential building that is split into separate fire areas, and at the corners the walls are "vertically angled"...meaning that the ground floor unit has a smaller footprint than the units above it, they each get a little larger, with the 4th floor having the largest, to created this angled exterior wall effect.


I have 2 questions:

1.  From some previous posts it looks as if the best I can do to model the angled wall deal is to run separate shells for each floor.  Would that mean I'm creating a separate model entirely for each floor?


2.  The building is split into 7 fire areas, we had considered running each fire area as a separate model for city permitting reasons.  When creating the model I realized that we had a problem because the roof pitches get messed up at the fire walls.  Is there any way to fix this...if you follow what I'm saying...


Thank you for the help!



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To answer your questions:


1) No, you can have multiple shells and it will still be one file. Just use the DD wizard as opposed to the SD wizard. Shells within the same eQUEST model can affect each other thermodynamically, so they definitely are not separate models.


2) I'm not exactly following. Usually, when the roof is "cut up" into small sections, it is okay to make an assumption and use a simplified version of the roof. From firewalls I have seen, the roof pitch doesn't vary too much on either side of the firewall, but this case may be different, in which case you would have to work around this in detailed mode (as opposed to the wizards).

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