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Dear equest users,

In recent past i had some pdf files being especially given to me.
So what i did is to have a print screen then paste in the AutoCAD drawing.
Then i made the poly-line in it with the new layer.
Lastly, the problem is how to import.
So when i checked the corridor width it came out to be 2.5 meters.
But the actual length in the CAD file is 0.8459.
Hence while importing i had an import with the CAD unit of
2.5/0.8459=2.95543 meters.

The example is as follows:

[image: Inline image 1]

In this way we can have an import of even pdf files pasted as image in
AutoCAD and the taking some help of CAD unit makes to have the work go.
Hope this can be helpful for many.

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Hi equest users,

You can have only ortho or without ortho command to have a geometry in
This you can do easily by enlarging the PDF image by stretching in the CAD
You will have to consider the unit of the PDF file like as it was in
millimeter or meters in SI unit or Indian cases.
Similarly if the PDF file has a width of 2.5 feet and the length of the
line in that door width is 0.7459. Then in any case you will have to put
2.5/0.7459=3.351655 in the 1 CAD unit and take feet as the unit in that
case as and at there where it was meters in the previous one.
This means that the PDF file image having CAD file has a width of 0.7459
for example for the same original width of 2.5 feet for that door.
So just for example take the unit as same in PDF and the division of both
the line in AutoCAD on door and the original width of the door to have a
work with the units of PDF.


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