Imported WINDOW G-T-C performance

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Hi all,
In reviewing the results of various models using the GLASS-TYPE-CODE
method to model windows in eQUEST, we re-stumbled upon a bug that others
have identified in the past:

We found this issue still exists when generating custom codes using
WINDOW 6.3/eQUEST v3.64, but in v3.65, it appears that the FILMS-COND
keyword is now being defined. I have not confirmed that the FILMS-COND
values are appropriate for various WINDOW generated glazing
configurations, but they are in the same range as other DOE-2 library
configurations, the LV-H reported U-COG matches that listed in W6.3.

Just wanted to bring this issue to light again so others are aware of
this and report that it looks like the bug has been fixed in v3.65!



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