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Hi, im a beginner in equest
My model has a thermal zone without HVAC system, but equest assigns default some HVAC in the zone how I can solve this problem?
thanks for help

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Hi Santiago:
Enjoy this great eQuest forum.
I assume you are in the Wizard mode. I do not have the program on this computer, but?I believe you CAN assign a zone to be unconditioned. In the Detail Edit mode, you certainly can make such a zone unconditioned. The way eQuest (DOE2) works is the all unconditioned zones DO get assigned to an HVAC system, even though the zone is unconditioned.
For example, say you have several meeting rooms (conditioned) and an adjacent storage area (unconditioned). eQuest will want to have you assign that unconditioned zone toe the mmeting room HVAC, BUT the storage are WILL be uncoditioned.
Without your .INP and .PD2 file, it is difficult to show further.
Hope this helps.
John R. Aulbach, PE

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