How to set thermostat to have 0 heating load

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For what it?s worth, I?m seeing no usage for the space heat end use whatsoever using the MEXICO91.BIN referenced in your project. The green ?Misc. Equipment? draw on FM1 is due to your kitchen process loads defined at that specific space ? if you zero those loads out fuel consumption is completely gone:
[cid:image001.png at 01D3CA65.8D5FCD90]
[cid:image004.png at 01D3CA66.024CF830]

As far as LEED goes however, I can?t answer with direct experience how reviewers typically handle facilities in idyllic climates that don?t require space heating. That might be a good separate query with the lists here as I?m sure someone has crossed that hill, but a separate run and write-up to demonstrate no calls for heat are necessary might be in order before simply removing all heating thermostat schedules in the model? just a thought.


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Hi Nick,

Thanks for your time and effort working on my model. The model was
generating a small amount of space heating no matter how I modified the
schedule and set-point, then I selected "not install" under heating. So far
that is the only way I can get rid of the space heating. I will keep you
all updated what the LEED review will say when I get the report.

Thank you,


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