eQUEST - W/ft2 and Heat Exchangers

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I have a two-part question.

1) The building I am trying to model is dominated by heavy electrical equipment (RF gear). The cooling is set up as a cooling tower driving a chiller as a well as a heat exchanger (in parallel). The chiller in turn drives an air handler. The RF gear heat is partly removed via the heat exchanger and partly via the air handler. Any remaining capacity of the air handler is consumed by the usual space cooling loads (weather, people, lights, plugs). How can I get the heat exchanger into the model, and how (where) can I specify the fraction of RF gear heat that is going to the air handler, while still making sure the kWh consumed are correctly measured?

2) It seems that lights and plugs and other loads are specified as W/tf2. I have tended to take the installed light power and divide it by the area. For example, a 4 tube T12-32W light will have 128 W, and in a 100 ft2 zone should result in 1.28 W/ft2. However, it occurs to me that I should only really be entering the W that go to heat, i.e. accounting for efficiency. For example, the above light might be 80% efficienct, so really only 20% or 25.6 W should count towards the W/ft2 load. BUT, if I entered it like that, the kWh counter would probably not capture the remaining 102.4 W. What to do?

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