Equest DOE 2.2 prototypes or model needed

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Not yet, but IBPSA Seattle is currently building an example model from the E+ 90.1 primary school prototype model. I would guess that we will have a basic working model up and available for public download within the next few weeks. See link below:


Jeremy McClanathan, P.E., BEMP, HFDP, LEED(r) AP BD+C

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This is a prototype model I used for teaching (download eQ files). The analysis was done with DOE21E (files not uploaded). http://bepan.info/proj-bldgs/p12-middle-school Proj-12 - eQUEST-Runs (Folders containing *.pd2 and *.inp files)
The same is true of http://bepan.info/proj-bldgs/p13-high-rise-bldg
See http://bepan.info/contents for other case studies
Varkie Thomas

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I don't have prototype models handy, but in the past, I've gotten the folks that
maintain the DEER database to send them to me. A few years back, the DEER folks
mentioned they'd eventually be available for download, but I haven't seen that
happen yet. If you contact the DEER folks and they send you models, let me
know, since I know there's certain parameters within them that can't be
changed. It's difficult to explain in an e-mail, but I can walk you through it.

Another route would be to build prototype models based on DEER data since
they've spent an awful lot of time developing parameters to go into prototypes.
The way the parameters are laid out in the DEER documentation, it wouldn't take
too long to build prototypes in eQUEST.

Navigate to the DEER site:


(a couple of hyperlink clicks from this site will get you to DEER)

Download the 2005 Final Report in MS Word format with references. This will
give you the final report with Excel spreadsheets quantifying the various
parameters that went into constructing the representative models. Also
included, in chapter 6, are summary explanations of the various prototypes.

Download the update reports for the 2008 and 2011 revisions that include changes
made to the 2005 building prototypes.

If you're looking at projects outside of California, you'd probably want to
determine whether to change parameters such as lighting density.

Hope this helps.

Pete Baumstark

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Kang, others,

I have various versions of commercial building prototypes done in
DOE-2.1E dating back to the early 1990's. The last version contains 13
building types for 9 US locations, including all those that you
mentioned, and date back to 2007 when I was asked by DOE to update them
to the 2003 CBECS and then convert them to EnergyPlus. The EnergyPlus
versions were handed over to NREL and formed the original basis for the
Reference Commercial Buildings, which have since been updated and
maintained by NREL. My original 2007 versions are available on my
company website in both DOE-2.1E and EnergyPlus V 1.4 formats at:


I know these are getting somewhat outdated, and I've had a standing
interest in updating the DOE-2.1E files, as well as converting them to
DOE-2.2, but so far I haven't found either the time nor the funding to
do that.

Lastly, I want to say that in many ways I actually prefer the original
version of the prototypes that I finished in 1992 for the Gas Research
Institute, which took into account regional variations in size,
construction details, and HVAC systems, as well as having gone through a
calibration process against the 1989 CBECS. Both of these
considerations were lost in the later DOE-funded version, despite my
suggestions. In an ideal world, I would want to combine those features
with any improvements added by NREL and PNNL to the Reference Commercial
Buildings set.

Lastly, I don't mean to ignore or overlook the DEER models mentioned by
Peter. I've worked with them recently for another project (large
office, residential, and large retail), and found them to be well-done.
However, like Peter I'm not sure of their public availability. Also,
the DEER models have many permutations, so you have to be specific on
your needs.


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