eQUEST Crashes on Windows 10

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Good Day,

I'm adding a thermal storage system into my Equest model.

However, when I get to the 2nd screen for defining the chilled water loop
and schedule Equest crashes.

I get the highly annoying Windows error message "Building Energy Simulation
Tool has stopped working"

I'm running Windows 10 and have the latest Windows updates installed.

I only get this error message specifically when adding a Thermal Storage

I have also restarted my laptop several times.

Has anyone else experienced this error message?




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Have you tried running the program in compatibility mode?
Right click on the eQuest shortcut, choose properties and then the compatibility tab.
I have no trouble running build 7174 on windows 10.
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Hi Damon,
Sometimes eQUEST will crash without first reporting an error. I suggest checking the BDL file to see if an error is reported.
Since the problem is likely related to the water-side inputs, I suggest defining the CHW loop, pump, schedule etc. and any other components associated with the thermal storage before defining the thermal storage system itself.

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