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Hello to all equest users,

I was wondering, can I assign a Hot Water Loop with a Heat Pump?

As I see there only Electric boiler available.

Thank you

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Hi Konstantina,
If I understand your question, you want to use a water-to-water or air-to-water heat pump to provide hot water. You can model this using a heat pump chiller (a CHILLER with TYPE=HEAT-PUMP). You can only assign a single loop for the heat pump chiller load, and the keyword and eQUEST drop-down input is for a CHW-LOOP, but it accepts both CHW and 2-Pipe loops. You have to assign a heat pump chiller to a 2-Pipe loop for it to provide heating. You can configure the 2-Pipe loop to operate the same as a Hot Water loop if you want, by setting the LOOP-OPERATION to SNAP or SCHEDULED and using a high snap temperature. Then you would only assign hot water loads to the 2-Pipe loop.

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