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Hi eQuest users,

I am new to eQuest software, I have the following doubts

1. In SD/DD wizard 2nd page ( building foot print ) we are creating
zones. After the wizard edit when taking spaces from building shell we
getting the same area as zone. This means every zone have only one space?

2. When selecting code as Leed in first page , in space properties
total area is dividing into all active areas. This is only for occupancy ?

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1. In terms of terminology while working in doe2/equest, I?d further reinforce for a smooth learning curve that as a truism in the ?doe2 world,? there shall always be 1 space for every zone and 1 zone for every space. No more, no less. SPACEs and ZONEs accomplish different things, but they?re normally paired together on a 1-for-1 basis.

The end user has every flexibility however to split up a single designed space into multiple ?zones? (as may typically occur when you have VAV boxes serving perimeter vs. core areas in an open office, for example), or conversely you have the option of combining multiple spaces/zones in the design into one larger space/zone for the purposes of simplifying your energy model. The power/decision is in your hands!

1. This may be different today as it has now been ~3 years since my last LEED submission and we?ve seen a couple substantial updates to the platform, but I think especially when starting out with eQuest as a new end-user, you might be best advised to avoid the LEED compliance skillset unless your hand is forced, as it introduces a host of potential tripping points (potential for user error and just plain bugginess) and new inputs that are in whole not required to develop a solid and rigorous energy model for LEED submission? then again this ruleset may have evolved in clarity/stability in recent years so I?ll defer to anyone else with more current experience.

Hope this is helpful!


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