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Hi everyone, I want to make an EEM, but the button is grayed out, how is
possible to activate it?, see image below, I need to know if it?s due to an
input error or any other parameter that I wasn?t see, any suggestion will
be appreciated, thanks a lot.


Andr?s Franco U.

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There are two separate design alternative analysis systems available in
eQUEST. The EEM (Energy Efficiency Measure) run mechanism that is
accessed via the toolbar button you have identified is only able to
operate on building creation wizard inputs. Since the building model
you have loaded into eQUEST was not created using the eQUEST wizards,
the EEM run option is not available to you for this project.
The other "Parametric Run" feature IS however available for projects
such as this one, where the model is editable in the detailed
interface. Access this feature using the menu bar via Tools -
Parametric Runs.
The parametric run interface doesn't hold your hand quite as much as the
EEM one does, as you have to identify each individual parametric run
change, but there should be plenty of flexibility to setup alternative
design runs.
I recommend you review the eQUEST tutorials for more information on the
Parametric Run feature. This section can be found in the eQUEST
Modeling Procedures Quick Reference Guide in the most recent release(s)
but in earlier releases it was located in the Introductory Tutorial.

Best regards,

- Scott

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Of course, you can always take the existing base file and Save As under a
new file name and then make modifications to the new file and run both files
and compare the output results.


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