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My question is "How to get simulation results separately for each room"?
I mean to say that I want to get the graphs of the energy consumption of each room or zone separately?
Is it possible in E-quest, If yes, How Please tell me, Its very urgent.......
If not, then Is any other software who can generate results separately??

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Hello Syed,

Go to the hourly reports section in detailed mode.

Create a new block and chose the room you want from the "Variable Type"
drop down list. Then select the values you want to view from the
"Variable List".

Make sure the "Report Block" is selected by an hourly report, then run
the model.

You will see the results after the model is calcuated again in the
"Hourly Results" section of the simulation report or they can be
exported to a .csv file by selecting File >> Export >> Hourly Results

Byron D. Burns, EIT, BEMP

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