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I have been slowly building up a library of custom keyword expressions, some of which are pretty elaborate, to streamline eQUEST inputs. I?m interested in working with others to collect and improve on these efforts. The goal would be to develop helpful keyword expressions and then release them to the larger eQUEST community as input/txt files. Please contact me if this interests you.

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I remember finding a google document of user expressions assembled by an IBPSA chapter, I wanna say Chicago but absolutely not sure about this. Have you stumbled upon that already?


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I?m just going to throw something out there:

If anyone on this list poses a question along the lines of ?is there an expression to do XXX?? ? It?s a pretty surefire bet myself and others will be happy to answer and share expressions we?ve come up with (this has happened repeatedly over the past few years). If it?s an unsolved puzzle, and it looks like something useful to figure out, and time exists to get sidetracked, then I and others would likely enjoy the challenge of trying to solve the problem!

More end-users getting caught up on user expressions and their potential is only going to be helpful for our community at-large. Ask questions!


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