Demand Rate Modeling in Mexico

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Hello all,

I am trying to accurately model a tricky demand structure for a project in Mexico. The utility uses a complex way to bill demand (see item 7 in link here: Here's a snip of the translated text:

[cid:image002.png at 01D21A66.BBECA440]
(In the table above, the middle column is FRI and the right column is FRB)

In summary, the day is broken into three periods (peak, intermediate, and base). Demand charges are in three parts, summed together for the total charge for the month:

1. They charge for the max kW within the peak period

2. For the intermediate period, you are charged for the difference between the peak period demand and the intermediate period demand, times a reduction factor of 30%.

3. For the base period, you are charged for the demand of the base period less the max demand of the peak and intermediate periods, times a reduction factor of 15%.

I'm sure I'm not the first to stare at this rate structure and scratch my head as to how to model in eQUEST, since it applies nationally in Mexico. Has anyone had luck modeling a demand rate like this? I'm able to model time-of-day demand, but am struggling for a way to subtract the demands from each other to get accurate values for intermediate and base period charges.

Post-processing in Excel is always an option, but not desired.


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