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Hi Everyone,

I have a high-rise office building project that has curtain wall design
that looks like the image below.
The aluminum composite panel (ACP) and spandrel glass has different thermal
properties. I can only set one thermal property in a continuous external

How will I reflect the spandrel glass in the model?

*aluminum composite panel (ACP)* *spandrel glass* *aluminum composite
panel (ACP)* *spandrel glass* * * *aluminum composite panel (ACP)* * spandrel
glass* *aluminum composite panel (ACP)* *spandrel glass* * * *aluminum
composite panel (ACP)* *vision glass* *vision glass* *vision glass
* *vision glass*

Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.



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you can club the spandrel area, glass area and panel area under each zone
and create one big rectangle (total area of each type) .
equest generally assumes the effect of total area of glass.
eg. if you have 3 vision glass areas of 10'x5' each, you can create just
one big window 30'x5' if they are in same zone.

hope this helps.



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Hi Tyrone,

If you haven't yet, I would search through the archives - this topic sounds familiar. If I recall, I believe one suggestion was to area-weight the different opaque fa?ade surfaces (60% at R-10 and 40% at R-15 would be averaged at R-12).

Deepika's suggestion can also simplify your model by having one large window. The only caution I would add is to ensure that the total frame area you model in 1 large window matches the area of the 3 actual windows.

Kind regards,

Alex Krickx, LEED AP

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