Creating relative humidity hourly reports

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Hello all,

I see that I can create hourly reports for the humidity ratio at
various points throughout the HVAC system. What I really want
is RELATIVE HUMIDITY in the space on an hourly basis. Does
anyone know if I can do that? Thanks for your help!

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You can output dry bulb and dew point. I found this NOAA document which gives an equation for approximating RH from dry bulb and dew point with a 1.2% or less accuracy.


Jeremy McClanathan, P.E., BEMP, HFDP, LEED? AP

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I purchased an Excel Add-in called Get Psyched!. It costs $50 Export your
hourly results and open as an Excel spreadsheet. You can then add a column in
and calculate the RH from DB and DP.

Paul Diglio, CEM, CBCP

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