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I am new to eQuest and am modelling a large office building that has a
footprint that gets smaller on the higher floors. I have all of the
footprints (17 in total) in a single CAD drawing and have uploaded it to
eQuest. I was able to get the initial ground floor outline set up, but now
I am not sure how to proceed from here . . .

1. How can I set one outline to be floors 1-10 and a second outline to be
floors 11-20 and so on?

2. I was provided all of the outlines in one CAD drawing with them sitting
side by side. Would it be easier if i had them supplied as separate files?
Separate layers?


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1. You'll need to ?create a new shell for each group of similar floors in the Design Development Wizard. The shells can then be positioned such that they are immediately above each other.

2. ?I think it should work fine with one CAD file.


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