Cooling Energy Consumption in Winter

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Dear All,

I end up with getting cooling energy consumption in winter months and my
heating energy comes negligible.

I am using "Packaged Single Zone system", Location - India. Can anyone tell
the reason.


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I believe we will need the .INP.p and .PD2 files. I am unfamiliar with Indian weather patterns.
John R. Aulbach

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Also - location - India is very generic. India is a large country with different weather patterns and climatic considerations depending on where you are. Depending on the location, and your building, cooling energy in winter might not be surprising.

Vikram Sami

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Hi Vamshi,

Echoing the discussion so far, we can only guess with as little info as has been provided. Are you trying to justify the results? Do you perceive this behavior as a problem or unexpected? Why?

Is the model exhibiting lots of unmet hours or showing any other signs that the modeled systems aren't operating correctly?

Assuming the model is set up correctly, reasons to expect such behavior may include any combination of:

* Building is located in a climate where little/no heating is typically required in the winter (I also understand India includes tropical/monsoon climates with persistently warm winter months).

* Building features substantial internal heat gains (people and equipment loads) leading to year-round cooling

* Building envelope is very well (or perhaps overly well) insulated, holding internal heat gains in through the winter (and so requiring cooling instead of heating)

* Building envelope by design invites excessive solar gains in the winter through glazing

* Scheduling of select cooling equipment (such as a chiller) is forcing it to operate through hours where there is little-to-no demand

* Buildings with occupied "core" spaces removed from the exterior envelope, and especially those with significant internal gains, should be expected to require year-round cooling where other spaces may require seasonal heating.

This isn't an exhaustive list by any stretch, but what comes to my mind first. Hope this helps you to better define your problem (if there is one)!


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Something else to check is the economizer low limit. The default for many systems is to shut off the economizer and turn on a compressor whenever the outside temperature drops below 45F. To eliminate the low limit (to let the economizer operate no matter how cold it is outside), right click on the field and select "Restore Default."

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Keith Swartz, PE, BEMP, LEED AP

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Actually I would be more surprised if you got lot of heating (unless you
are located way north). Assuming it is a typical US style commercial
building with large footprint, lots of high performance glass and interior
loads, less perimeter, it is going to be cooling dominated even in winter.

As others mentioned, it really depends on the location and the building

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I also have the same problem I am using eQuest 3.63 and my project is in Pakistan, where weather condition is like heating required only for 3 month Dec, Jan and Feb, In remaining month we needs cooling.

Now problem is by using equest i am not able to switch off cooling in these three month's and heating in remaining month's due to Fan schedule.

I am using below schedules and my system is variable air volume VAV system with cooling set points for week days is 75F and on weekend/No cooling is 82, for heating is 72F in weekdays and 10F on weekends.

Cooling Schedule:

2 (month)-28(day) - No cooling

10 (month)-31(day) - cooling

12 (month)-31(day) - cooling

Heating Schedule:

2 (month)-28(day) - Heating

10 (month)-31(day) - No Heating

12 (month)-31(day) - Heating

Fan Schedule:

12 (month)-31(day) - On

When i switch off fan in Dec to Feb to switch off cooling in these three month's than heating also goes off.

I need to have heating output in these three month but not cooling how i can do this ?

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